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Book Synopsis:
Reliable and effective control systems are a critical component of safe and profitable operations across process industries. And many of our industrial facilities today continue to operate using legacy control systems from the past four decades that are at or near the end of their lifecycles. Migration projects to modern control systems are complex, requiring detailed upfront planning, a methodical implementation strategy and astute project management.

This comprehensive collection of best practices guides you to control system migration success!
Simple to follow for a broad range of control system experience levels, the handbook is:

• A practical application guide to walk you through the entire process from justification to vendor selection to cutover to close-out of the migration project;
• A thorough resource to aid the identification of common and high-risk challenges and to offer innovative, proven solutions;
• A concise primer of project management covering both the technical aspects of projects and the intangible factors for success such as teamwork, communication, planning, change management, reporting, etc. within the unique context of migration projects; and
• A valuable roadmap providing real-world examples and anecdotes as well as usable checklists.


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